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The Unofficial Arts Grants Handbook

A few weeks ago I took time out from my regular weekly commitments to attend a forum on the the political necessity of Grants for the Art, organised by The Bureau of Ideas.

Organised by Marie Bonnal (Fiction and art writer, artist, art event co-ordinator), and Julian Goddard (Academic and gallerist).
speakers included

SHELAG MAGADZA, Artistic Director, Perth International Art Festival

JOHN HYDE, MLA, Shadow Minister for Culture and the Arts

JULIAN GODDARD, Head of Department of Art, School of Design and Art, Curtin University.

The objective was to discuss and debate "Why do governments fund art?

The most significant shift in Australian art of the past 40 years has been the massive government investment in the Arts, yet there is little debate as to why this has happened and what are the consequences of such an intervention. This forum will look at the rationale behind state funding of the arts and question the outcomes of this involvement."

Government funding / grants…