Friday, October 22, 2010

A cautionary tale to art administrators

If you ever employ or recommend to be employed, for give a grant to friends who are artists you might like to read this.

The internet has made your life and job a lot more transparent.

Even the most experienced Perth art administrators are making this mistake.

I just thought of this when I noticed the organiser of a series of talks was regularly employing their university class mate.

So I just put both their names in separate sets of quote marks into eg "Art Adminstrator name" "Artist name" together into Google.

Guess what?

6 pages of 59 results in 0.19 seconds.

Including the fact that they went to the same university art school, in the same year. And that they exhibited regularly over the last two decades.

Please be careful! Be objective, not subjective in your sections of who you promote.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

3D Printing

I was researching a 2008 ABC TV program about 3D printing for two Italian ceramic artists, and found some really interesting things about 3D printing:

Then I've thought up with a few variations for the ceramics profession.

Why? As a ceramic artist I am part of the small manufacturing sector, which has a bias towards the hand or simple machined (we call it a wheel or slipcasting) out of a plastic material called "clay". As you know I'm using a variation of this called paperclay/paper clay/pclay(TM).

These days, with a computer and a 3D printer, there is the technology to produce any "plastic" 3D object!

See it at

Don't have the US$15,000 for the printer?

For those without the small fortune need to buy one of these digital replicators visit to see how to build it yourself (video at for under AUS$1000!

What I'm now researching is, is it possible to print clay/paperclay using a variation of these machines?

Look at the work of Antonella Cimatti, Italy and her paperclay techniques. It would be a small step to put a paperclay paste squirt nozzle as the printer head on the 3D printer!

Imaging you break a cup or plate? Just go to your computer, download a file from the web, and overnight your paperclay printer could printout a new 3D paperclay cup or plate (with premixed oxides in the paperclay slip-to give it colour), which you speed dry, spray on a clear glaze as a sealer and then fire it. Within the week you will be using it!

Or see a ceramic artwork you like on the net? Imagine downloading a file, email it to you local ceramic art studio, and they'll print out your artwork, decorate and fire it according to the artists instructions(also downloaded) and deliver it to you within a week!

next day:

Update: What do you know!

It's being done (but not in paperclay) interview from Unfold on Vimeo.

See it at ttp:// (thanks to Daniel Harmsworth, Challenger TAFE eTech Centre for the links)

for the first ceramic 3D printer-they call it a virtual potting wheel and ceramic printer!

(L’Artisan Electronique is an installation commissioned by Z33 Art Centre for the exhibition Design by Performance and developed in collaboration with Tim Knapen and the RepRap community, from 14 March 2010 to 30 May 2010 at Z33 Hasselt, Belgium)

Next day (Sept 13 2010)


Others are usinga binding "glue" (and compression) with the clay powder (less safe process) in a modified 3D printer


(John Balistreri and researchers from Bowling Green State University, first printed ceramic material in 2007)

Update 22 April 2011

Jennifer Lewis at the University of Illinois are, what I call, "micro-clay printing" lattices of special inks (ceramic, metal or polymeric materials). containing a mixture of fast- and slow-drying solvents.

Anyone want to bet that it's got cellulose fibre (ie paperclay) in it?

Thanks to Antonella Cimatti for alerting me to this!

UPDATE: Order your 3D printed ceramic vase online! (30 July 2011)

It's happened! There is now a company trailing 3 D printing of glazed ceramics. provides a service where you order an object in ceramic, it's printed out, fired, glazed, fired and then shipped to you. They are trailing the service to gauge consumer demand until August 2011. Do go online buy something and help keep the momentum going, I am.

UPDATE: Others working in this area from the ceramics community 10/8/11
SOFA 2011 PR featured Michael Eden's 'wedgewoodn't tureen' (video at

InterviewSee it at ttp:// on Vimeo.

more on Michael, from his Gallery's website here

Still Cheaper 3D Printers (Update 12/1/12):

is a BBC Story about $1200 household 3D printers likely to drop to $500 within a year
(Thanks Michael F. for the new link)

Update 2/3/12
Is the 3D printer the new Potters Wheel? This may be the case, according toartist potter Jonathan Keep.
Link provided by Antonella Cimatti.

Update 17 April 2012

'Just been reading up on Art and Science links via LinkedIn. While I have been aware that 3D printers have been used in the science, I didn't really grasp the scales available. scientists create sculptures as small as a grain of sand (nano-objects), in this case a model of a Formula 1 racing car 0.285mm (0.011in) in length in just over four minutes!

Update 1 August 2012

In April 2012 I was invited to be an Artist in Residence in the ceramics studio at Perth central TAFE college.  A RapMan 3.2 was purchased for me.  With help we built it, printed out new parts, rebuilt it and begun printing in clay.  See     or Link1

Update 1 February 2015

I purchased and built a Deltarprintr ....  see Facebook link 2

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Money for nothing, and the chicks for free.... huh?

I was amazed to see that on my computer I have over 10,000 contacts in the Visual Arts.

So when changing over to a new contact managing software, how do I decide whom to keep, and whom to delete?

The WA Grant recipient list is an interesting social and cultural map.

It might provide some indicator of artists who are very "serious about their art".

Anyone who has gone through the hours of writing an application and the report afterwards will know what I mean.

You have to be serious to both do the paper work, and to be given the grant. The grant system is a competitive system, officially based upon the quality of the images and art, plus the documentation you provide must indicate a commitment to art and originality of ideas.

So, who are they, these serious people?

Guy Ben-Ary
Cecile Williams
Clare Davies
David Turley
Jillian Kempson
Jurek Wybraniec
Lynnette Voevodin
Maria Madeira
Nalda Searles
Pamela Gaunt
Patrizia Tonello
Penelope Forlano
Ryan Caitlin
Thomas Edward Heidt
Trevor Richards
Tunya Versluis
Yvonne Doherty
Britt Salt
Kate Alicia Faulds
Elizabeth Delfs
Bello Benischauer
Elisabeth M. Eitelberger
Helen Ruth Smith
David (Nick) Horn
Peter Bowles
Anne Clifton.
Susan Mader
Renee Evans
Josephine Stone
Bradley Wynn
Darren Clayton
Tim Besley
Cindy Poole
Margie Oldfield
Emily Gibson
Katrina Black
Wendy Robertson
Michelle Siciliano
Susan Allwood
Olga Cironis
Adam Fiannaca
Therese Howard
Mariana Mazzurra
Nickolina Ergic
Daniel Romanin
Catherine Higham
Tony Nathan
Marilyn Robinson
Pilar Mata Dupont
Joshua Lloyd Webb
Patricia Shirley Smith
Bernard Taylor
Gregory Pryor
Katherine Thamo
Ionat Zurr
Kirsten Hudson
Paul Fields
Orion Taylor
Material Boy
Aurelio Costarella
Arif Satar
Monique Tippett
Geoffrey Drake-Brockman
Sonia Audino
Silvana Cristillo
Stuart Williams
Jennifer Cochrane
Christian De Vietri
Tristan Blair
Kristy Correy
Renee Glastonbury
Layli Rakhsha
Peter Dailey
Michael Iwanoff
Marie Hatzis
Lisa Jefferson
Moria Doropoulos
Ebony Frost
Marilyn Chester
Brad Rimmer
Yolande Pickett
Bennett Miller
Njalikwa Chongwe
Emma Louise Caporn
Jocelyn Gregson
Juliet Lea
Matthew Ngui
Stewart Scambler
Mark Anton Cypher
Oron Catts
Graham William Hay
Ashley Jangala Smith
Kristie Barnett
Pia Bennett
Tarryn Gill
Aeden Howlett
Holly Pepper
Tania Ferrier
Phil Memegola
Perette Creighton
Fiona French
Graham Taylor
JK Crabb
H Miraudo
Claude Marcos
Jessica Mitchell
Mary-Lynne Stratton
Marzena Topka
Marie Mazzurra
Iris Guilmartin
Charlie Colbung
Michael Singe
Jennie Nayton
Amanda Verschuren
Richard Munsie
Heloise Roberts
Jane (Janice?) Bailey
Philippa Gordon
Jillian Green
Leanne Annear
Ann Nie Chong
Tim Whiteman
Adam Derums
Garry Pumfrey
Kellie Rose
Joanna Wakefield
Cynthia J Verspaget
Christine Tang
Leon Ewing
Steven Pooley
Pavel Perina
Lorenna Grant
Richard E Hammer
Paul Lacey
Roderick Sprigg
Kati Esther Thamo
Domenico de Clario
Teck Weng Tan
Timothy Williams
Lou (LC) Lambert
Sally Blatchford
Lucy O'Dea
Megan Kirwan-Ward
Matthew Hunt
Glenice Matthews
Jane Pell
Sarah Miller
Joanna Capelle
Veronica Calarco
Alexander Spremberg
Ian Dowling
Caterina (Rina) Franz
Kevin Gordon
Michele Theunissen
Norma MacDonald
Robyn Templeton.
Pippin Drysdale
Louise Mann
Geoffrey Overheu
Alwin Reamillo
Alan Surgener
Rodney Glick
Sophia Louise Stafford
Jacob Ogden Smith
Caitlin Yardley
Alan Griffiths
Janis Nedela
Lisa Wolfgramm
Di Jackson
Jeremy N Blank
Diana Rose Carew-Reid / Yoka
Patricia Dixon,
Kate McMillan
Athol Farmer
Lesley Munro
Jennifer (Jenni?) Doherty
Toni Wilkinson
Ruth Tarvydas
Laura Johnson
David Thomson
Sam Abercromby
Mehmet Adil
Gary James Aitken
Mervyn Alcock
Mark Alderson
Kevin Altmann
J Ambrose
Anna Anderson
Bernadatte Anderson
Lorna Anderson
James Angus
Paola Anselmi
Richard Apel
W Archer
Han(d)s Arkeveld
Drew Armstrong
Pieternella Armstrong
Sam Arranglo
Edward Arrowsmith
Eva Asmussen
Yunnkurru (Billy) Atkins
Jeffrey Atkinson
John Austin
Elspeth Averill
Cynthia Margaret Baker
Allan Baker(retrospective)
Max Ball
Kevin Ballantine
Ivan Bannon
Maxwell Barcham
Allan Barker

Christine Barker-Malcolm
Michael Barkers
Michael Barlow
Helen Baros
Amy Barrett-Lennard
John (J) Barrett-Lennard
Marilyn Barrington
J Barwell
E Baxter
Selina Baxter
Jenny Beahan
John Beard
Ray Beattie
Heather Claire Beauseine
Steve Beeby
Marcus Beilby
Robert Bell
Merrick Belyea
Troy Bennell
Barbara Bennett
Normae Bennett
Ginny Bent
Hughie Bent
K Benterrak
Maiguta Bernsteins
Philip Berry
Nicki Biggins
Willy Billabong
Valerie Takao Binder
Wendy Binks
Zarak Binsaad
Robyn Bischoff
Brian Blanchflower
Cathy Blanchflower
Graeme Blevins
Susan Bloomfield
Julian Bloxham
R Bolleter
Mutsuko Bonnardeaux
Julie Bouffler
HR Bradfield
Ivan Bray
Craig Brent-White
Karron Bridges
Helen Britton
Anna Brockway
Janine Brody
Lucy Bromell
Victoria Brook
Celia Brooke
Judith Brooks
A Brown
Alison Brown
Amanda Brown
Mandy Brown
Michael Brown
Aadje Bruce
Peggy Buckingham
Philip Burns
Tim Burns
Christopher Byrne
Julia Calcutt
Michael Calder
Kevin Cameron
RL Cameron
Robert Cameron
Kate Campbell-Pope
M Carlin
Antoinette Carrier
David Carson
Andrew Carter
Leonie Carter
Sandy Chambers
Jeff Chand
Maxine Anne Charlie
Anton Cheney
Daniel Cheney
Gina Cinanni
Julie Clampett
Alan Clark
Coral Clark
Madeline Clear
Peter Clemesha
Erin Coates
Belinda Cobby
Mark Coddington
Craig Coetsee(Sevndesign)
Marjorie Coleman
Greg (&G) Collins
Samuel Collins
Laurice Comber
Nicholas Compton
Chris Constable
Sarah Contos
J Cook
Peter Cook
Philip Cook
Margaret Cornish
C Corvaia
Penny Coss
Thea Costantino
Henney Cote
Tara Cottam
Barbara Cotter
Paul Counsel
B Cox
Susan Creer
Julie Crockett
Katharina Cronstedt
Greg (GJ) Crowe
Colleen Cruise
Pamela Cubitt
John Cullinane
Jemma Dacre
John Dahlsen
Claire Dale
Andrew Daly
Justine Dalziel
L Danes
Margaret Danischewsky
Naomi Danischewsky
Nina Danko
Rosalind Dann
Melanie Dare
Rebecca Davey
Catherine Davidson
Jane Davies
Jim de Blanken
Arlene de Souza
Ian De Souza
Jack De Vos
Julie Deague
Rosa Della Torre
Jon Denaro
Alexandra Devitt-Lansom
Giovanni Di Dio
Frank Di Giovanni
Sander Dijkstal
Joan Dilkes
James Dimer
M Dines
Annabel Dixon
Michael Doherty
Lawrence Dolman
Anna Donald
E Doropoulos
Lorraine Douglas
Phillip Douglas
Sarah Douglas
Gladys Dove
T Dowling
Kevin Draper
Philip Ducker
Paul Duke
Elizaberth Durack
Judy Durey
Bruce Dye
Roselin Eaton
Miv Egan
Ann Eggena
Ernst Ellemunter
Michelle Elliott
Peter Ellis
Louise Elscot
Sarah Elson
Leanne Emmitt
Elizabeth Endisch
Annie English
Neil Erasmus
Dorothy Erickson
Viktor Eszenyi & Co
Robert Ewing
Robert Fairclough
Galliano Fardin
Nola Farman
R Faulkner
Moria Fearby
EM Feather
Carmen Feldkamp
E Fienbery
M Fisher
David Fitzallen
Helen Fitzhardinge
Gretchen Forrest
Alan Fox
Rina Franz
Richard Fry
Philip Michael Gamblen
Nina Garbellini
Corinne Garces
Meagan Lee Gardiner
Jeanette Garlett
Indra Geidans
Peter Gelencser
Simon Gevers
Jillian Gibbney
Richard Mark Giblett
Bruce Gilbert
Simon Gilby
David Giles
Elaine Gill
Ian Gill
Michelle Glaser
Julian Goddard
Patricia (P) Goff
Walter Gomes
Janda Gooding
Alasdair Gordon
Cameron Gordon
Cathy Gordon
Christine Gosfield
Reuben Gosfield
Malgorzata Gosia Wlodarczak-Sarnecka
Holly Grace
M Grace
Roxanne Grant
Anna Gray
Stuart Green
Barbie Greenshields
James Gregory
MF Grey-Smith
M Guelfi
Richard Gunning
Carl Guy
Chris Ha
Marie Haass
Richard Hadlow
Garth Hall
C Hansen
Vivienne Hansen
Malcolm Harris
P Hart
Bill Hawthorn
E Hawthorn
David Hay
Paul Hay
Kristina Hayley
George Haynes
Jeffrey Healy
Martin Heine
Barbara Helsby
Joy Henderson
Wendy Herington
Mark Herriman
Janis Heston
Christopher Hethey
Sylvia Heuge de Seville
Nigel Hewitt
Ann & Christopher Heyring
Jennifer Hill
Peter Hill
Christopher Hillstead
Paul Hinchcliffe
Patricia Hines
Scott Hitchcock
Thomas Hoareau
Grant Hobson
Bevan Honey
J Hook
Catherine Hope
Christopher Hopewell
Treena Hopewell
Peter Craig Hoskins
Katherine Houck
Bevan Howard
D Howard
A-M Hoyne
Penny Hudson
Marny Hull
Benjamin Hur
Andrew Hutchison
Leah Irving
Andrea Isacc
Kirill Ivoutin
Quentin Jacobsen
Dorothy Ruth Jaeger
Janice James
Shana James

Wendy Jeffreys
J Jenner
Norman Jeppe
Ben Joel
Mary Joel
Tristram John(ericaamerica)
A Jones
Adrian Jones
Cliff Jones
David J Jones
Dianne Jones
Pam Jones
Robert Jones
S Jordanoff
Benedict Juniper
Katherine Kalaf
Leon Kalamaras
J Kali
L Kan
Stefan Karlsson
K Kay
Kaye Keam
Gloria Kearing
Jeannie Keefer-Bell (Bell)
Siobhan Kelly
Alan Kemp
Jillian Kempson
Peter Kendall
Michele Keogh
J Ketallick
Eileen Keys
Jeffrey Khan
Mary Kirby
Maree Klinac
C Kneale
Torsten Knorr
Theo Koning
Leokadia Kordas
Fredinand Korwill
G Kosturkov
Eveline Kotai
Peter Kovacsy
EJ Kovesi
Gundie Kuchling
Richie Kuhaupt
Jan Kunnen
Monique La Fontaine
J Laithwaite
J Lamb
L Landless
Paul Lane
Kate Larsen
Jo/anne Law
Jerome Lawler
Simone Lazaroo
Mark Le Buse
Misha Lee
R Lefroy
Sue Leighton-White
J Lennie
Andrew Leslie
Frane Lessac
Irwin Lewis
Jeannette Lewis
Sarah Liddiard
Suzanne Lindhorst
Joan (J) Linton
Heather Locke
Pip Longley
Jennifer Loverock
Shirley Lowden
Jennifer Lowe
Cornelia Lowndes
G Lucas
Wendy Lugg
Matthew Lutton
Marion (M) Lynch
K Lyons
Linda Lyons
Emily Mabee
Melanie Mackenzie
Felicity (F) MacLeay
Graeme Macleod
Sine MacPherson
Ian (I) MacRae
Colin Madden
Maria Madeira
Paul Magalad
C Mair
Katie Major
Akio Makigawa
Carlier Makigawa
Robert Malcolm
Silvana Mancin(SUDesign)i
Robert Mandy
Maria Mann
Eric Marchello
Marco Marcon
K.A. Marshall
Mira Martinazzo
Susan Marwick
Tim Maslen
Janie Matthews
Mo (M) Maud
Bess Mavrick
Minaxi May
Gabrielle Mazalevskis
R McAleer
Ian McCann
IC McCarthy
Melissa McDougall
Monica McGhie
Malcolm McGregor
Jane McKay
Sandy McKendrick
Rod McKenzie
Roy McKernan
Serena McLauchlan
Errol McMahon
Jenny McNae
Justine McNight
Rex Meecham
Keith Melbourne
Angela Mellor
Cameron Merton
Rita Messenger
Alexander Mickle
D Mickle
Nikki Miller
P Milne
Dragica Milunovic
Jane Mitchell
Sally Mitchell
(Gian)marco Mona
Georgina Moore
Kevin Moore
Mary Moore
Max Moore
Sharyn Moore
June Moorhouse
Sally Morgan
Frank Morris
Jerry Morrison
Amelia (RA) Morrow
David Gareth Morse
Tom Mueller
Michael Munmurrie
Lesley Ann Munro
Sandra-Lee Murphy
Ann Murray
Gavin Murray
Pixie Murray
Rose Murray
Caroline Narkle
Phillip Dempsey Narkle
Arlene Nedeljokovic
Peter & Carole Nelson
Mona Neumann
Timothy Newbold
Brent Neylon
Kate Neylon
Andrew Nicholls
G Nicol
Isobel Nikoloff
Regina Noakes
Stephen Nova
Ron Nyisztor
Philippa O'Brien
Norah Ohrt
Trish Oldham
M Oliver
Peter O'Neill
Lee Ord
Irene Osborne
Katherine (Katie) O'Sullivan
Paul O'Sullivan
Elizabeth Packwood
Malcolm Paine
D Palmer
Jill Parnell
Julie Parsons
John Pascoe
Rebecca Paterson
Rosalind Paterson Drake-Brockman
John Paul
Lyn Pearce
Siglinde Pearce
Christopher Pease
Steve Pease
Marianne Penberthy
Sedon Pepper
Simon Pericich
L Pericles
Corno Pezzino
L Phillips
Perdita Phillips
Marilyn Phipps
Byron Pickett
Susan (& John) Pierce
Jimmy Pike
Simona Piscioneri
Vincent Pitcher
Gene Polt
Beatrice Poole
B Porter
Greg Potter
S Potter
Irene Poulton
Susan Pow
Michael Powney
Danilo Pravica
Gregory Quartemaine
Mark Radloff
A Ralph
Pearl Rasmussen
C.M. Ratajczak
Ann-Maree Reaney
Elisabeth Rechichi
Gerry Reilly
Jeannette Rein
KF Rendell
Andrea Rhodes
Dulcie Rhodes
Ngardarb Francine Riches
Neale Ricketts
Malcolm Riddoch
Brenda Ridgewell
Stuart Ringholt
Bree Riseborough
Carly Roberts
Christopher Robertson
Jennifer Robertson
S Robertson
J Robins
Charles Roper
Alison Rowley
Z Rubinich
Carol Rudyard
E Russell
Desmond Ryan
Greg Ryan
Ian Ryan
P Salom
Longin Samecki
Nicola Samori.
Eugena Saunders
Mark Sauvage
Maurice Sawyer
Pip Sawyer
Fleur Schell
Bo Schmitt
Zac Schonberg
Alison Schwabe
Joy Scott
Kim Scott
Pauline Scott
Susan Seaman
Sonya Sears
Nina Sellars
J Senjuschenko
Tatjana Seserko
Cloud Shabalah
Michele Sharpe
Kevin Shaw
Amanda Shelsher
Philip Shelton
Fiona Sinclair
Antonio Sita
Kirsten Sivyer
Michelle Slarke
Margaret Smart
P Smart
Heather Smedley
Mark Smitchens
Brian Smith
C Smith
Jeremy Smith
Roslyn Smith
Stephen Smith
Joel Smoker
Gillian Snaden
M St John
GL Staniford
Miriam Stannage
Maurine Stephens
Angela Stewart
Edmund Stewart
Kerry Stokes
Hilary Storey
Talhy Stotzer
Andre Stumpfel
Jennifer Sullivan
Antonia Syme
Graeme Symons
G Tait
Valerie Takao
Flynn Talbot
Michael Tanner
Carlo Tarabini
John (Jon) Tarry
Rudi Tassell
Helen Taylor
Howard Taylor
Monica Taylor
Sue Templeman
Steve Tepper
Lorinda Tetley
Marogt Teusner
Paul Thomas
Karen Thompson
Noelle Thomson
Hilary Thorn
Michelle Timms
Catharina (Cath) Titelius
Peter Toy
Paul Trinidad
Joan Tuffin
Kim Tyrer
Paul Uhlmann
Partricia Valdman
T Van Der Helm
Linda Van Der Merwe
Ron Van Der Merwe
Leonardus (Len) Van Der Waug
Brendan Van Hek
Roberta Van Maanen
Michael Vandeleur
Trevor Vickers
Lynnette Voevodin
Bilyana Vujcich
Ken Wadrop
Shaun Wake-Mazey
Peter Wales
David Walker
Rosemary Wallace
Anne Walton
Xuning Wang
George Ward
Gillian Warden
Erica Wardle(ericaamerica)
Miik Wardman Green
Kenneth Wardrop
Lyn (Evelyne) Waring
Robin Warren
Ben Waters
Margaret Watkins
David Watt
Yvette Watt
Judith Weaver
Kate Weedon
Julie Weekes
SE Welfelt
Alan Weller
Grazia Weller
BG Werner
P West
Lou Westbury
Roy Weston
Lindsay Westphal
Pauline White
Peter Daniel White
Rachael White(viaNgarinyinAboriginalCorporation)
Jane Whiteley
Jenny Whitmore
Rachael Whitworth
Geoffrey Wiese
Annette Wiguna
Pauline Wilde
J Wilford
Kerry Wilkes
Cecile Williams
Kerry Williams
Pauline Williams
Ross Williams
Timothy Daniel Willunga Leaversuch
Terry Wilson
Julie Wilson-Foster
Anthony Windberg
Heather Winter
Michael & Penelope Wise
M Wlkens
Gosia Wlodarczak-Sarnecka
Karel Wohlhick
Richard Woldenddrop
Sheryl Wong
Trevor (TF) Woodward
Leslie Wright
Leslie John Wright
Jurek Wybraniec
Michael Wylie
Marie-Louise Xavier
D'hange Yammanee
Jillian Yates
Pippa Youngs
Anna Zannella
Garry Zeck
Andrew Gaynor

(my apologies for any typing errors or omissions-particularly the latter as there is no longer a single source of this information anymore)

These are the 890 Artists and Craftspeople who were grant recipients from the Western Australian Government 1974-2009. Of course there are many professional artists and crafts people who were unsuccessful, plus many more who never applied.

What other indicators should I use for my new contact database?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Buried under paper

Book sculpture under construction.  Story at
Some wonder were my idea to carve sculptures from books comes from.

Why do I build huge sculptures from paper?

I have just sorted out my current pile of books and journals. I feel I never get through them, so let's separate and see what's in the read pile before I take them out... in no particular order...

Uniview Vol. 29 No. 1. Summer 2010, University of WA, Perth, Australia (3 times a year)

de Waal, E., (2003), 20th century ceramics, Thames & Hudson world of art, UK

Australian PC Authority, November 2009, Haymarket Media, Sydney (monthly)

Macworld Autumn 2009, IDG Communications, London, UK

University of Otago Magazine, Issue 24: October 2009, Dunedin, New Zealand

Australian Macworld Mac Basics 2, Niche Media Pty Ltd, South Melbourne, Australia

New Ceramics, The European Ceramics Magazin, March/April 2010, Hohr-Grenzhausen, Germany

iPhone Life, Summer 2009, Thaddeus Computing Inc, USA

Elkins, J.,(Ed) (2009) Artists with PhDs: On the New Doctoral Degree in Studio Art, New Academica Publishing, USA

The Journal of Australian Ceramics, Volume 49/1 March 2010, Sydney, Australia

Ceramics Art and Perception International, Issue 78, 2009?, USA

Australian Macworld, January 2010, Niche Media Pty Ltd, South Melbourne, Australia

Ceramics Technical, Issue 29 2010

still reading...

Ceramics Art and Perception International, Issue 79, 2010, USA

Bachelard, G., (1958), The Poetics od Space, (Translated by Maria Jolas 1964), Beacon Press

New Ceramics, The European Ceramics Magazin, May/June 2010, Hohr-Grenzhausen, Germany

Plus two national papers every day before breakfast.....


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