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3D Printing

I was researching a 2008 ABC TV program about 3D printing for two Italian ceramic artists, and found some really interesting things about 3D printing:

Then I've thought up with a few variations for the ceramics profession.

Why? As a ceramic artist I am part of the small manufacturing sector, which has a bias towards the hand or simple machined (we call it a wheel or slipcasting) out of a plastic material called "clay". As you know I'm using a variation of this called paperclay/paper clay/pclay(TM).

These days, with a computer and a 3D printer, there is the technology to produce any "plastic" 3D object!

See it at

Don't have the US$15,000 for the printer?

For those without the small fortune need to buy one of these digital replicators visit to see how to build it yourself (video at for under AUS$1000!

What I'm now researching is, is it possible to print clay/pa…