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Paperclay Video

After a year of buying equipment and mastering it and a dozen associated software programs I am beginning to roll out a series of free high definition video lessons on making and using paperclay.

The logic is simple, and the same reason as building the 120 page website:

To reduce the demands on my time and costs of providing information to the growing tide of requests for information and advise.

So get your cup of coffee/tea/cool drink (it's 39 °C / 102.2 °F here today!) and click on the link below.

And, if you have the time do let me know how I can make it better, request a technique demonstration....



Get Great Google Search Results! Pay me $200

This was the message in a phone call from an English accented salesman this evening.He claimed to be from a company called "Chrome Media", and then told me to type in "Google Expert" into Google to get to their website. That's strange... So I typed in the company name instead. Second entry read Fixed Fee Google Adwords Scam - Avoid companies like Dotcom Chrome...
You have been warned, spread the word.

Later 19 May 2011. Guess what?

Another call today from the same company. They must be making money, to afford ringing my mobile phone from the UK. Not only that they had obviously taken the time to researched my art forms and knew a lot about me. So people of Perth be careful!

I've just spent a fair part of my family holiday writing a paper about the ecological issues facing ceramic artists; for

Ceramic Arts and Design for a Sustainable Society:

International Ceramics Symposium 2011

7-11 March, Sweden

Those who are interested in this area may not be aware that there has been a

"Call for Papers to address the symposium themes":

If you are interested in contributing, or attending, further information is on the symposium webpage at

Hope to see you there...