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Are you a maker, or a process maker?

The complex is now simple to make. 

 Just create the process that makes the object/building. 

On a LAD day I noticing that the Holland Paper Biennial was directing traffic to my website (I was invite to exhibit in the 2002 event).

I looked at the 2012 artists and recognised a image from the Vogue Living Journal on our coffee table.

Michael Hansmeyer is an architect and programmer who explores the use of algorithms and computation to generate architectural forms, which can be cut out of thousands of sheets of paper or printed out via a 3D printer.

Art is just failure, the gap between intention and result...

The organisers of the recent Australian Ceramics Triennale have just started uploading copies of the papers given.

I was on a panel on "Outside the Box" and I found the paper by co-panel member Tania Rollond particularly insightful about the creative process.

You may like to read it here:

That may be hard to read.... on small screens it may be easier to read it here.

1864 letter from Schoolmaster on "Mermaid" sailing to New Zealand.

This a typed copy of a handwritten, 149 year old family letter dated 16 February 1864.  

I've highlighted words for those you just want to get to the dramatic bits...

"To 51 George Street  Hampstead Road  London.

Dear Mother and Friends,

I know you will all be most anxious to hear from us, at the time I indite these lineswe are about 70 days sail from New Zealand should we meet the Mail before our arrival in Port our letters will be sent on board, so that by having them in readiness you will hear from us nearly 2 months sooner than you otherwise would in case we missed this Mail, I will not attempt in this letter to give you any account of the Voyage. 
I leave that for another time. 
We left Gravesend on Saturday 14th Nov with over 400 souls on board all told - Mary did not ail much for the first few days but when we got well into heavy water out at sea, she was very ill and continued so for neally a fortnight since that time has had very fair health. 
For the first week everything wa…

Worlds' biggest 3D extruding printer

Student built massive 80x80x80 cm darwin style printer that prints porcelain in a continuous way using a commercial moineau pump and a refilling plunger type extruder.

Buy your Art with stolen credit card

Another scam email worthy of inclusion:

This one offers to buy my art work with a stolen credit card.

"----- Original Message -----
From: "tom" <>
To: Graham Hay
Sent: Friday, 25 May, 2012 2:47:20 AM GMT +08:00 Beijing / Chongqing / Hong Kong / Urumqi
Subject: request

my name is Tom  i will like to purchase some of your product to one my new
store in japan  i will  like to inform you that the method of my  payment
is credit card if this is accepted by you please kindly get back to
me with your website address so as for me to choose the item needed by

One of my security measures is too always google these email addresses with the word "scam"  added.

What to do if you have already posted a work off: (I know it's for tractor parts :), but the solution is the same).

It seems they also tried to buy ski equipment! :)

What is inter…

Is New York your artistic destination?

I received this email today.

Anyone received a similar email?

My email response is below...

----- Original Message -----
From: "Raquel Contreas NY ARTS" <>
To: Graham Hay
Sent: Thursday, 24 May, 2012 6:38:06 AM GMT +08:00 Beijing / Chongqing / Hong Kong / Urumqi

Dear Graham Hay,      
My name is Raquel Contrerasand I am a freelance curator working with Abraham Lubelski organizing a July 2012 group exhibition and publicity package as a part of the International Artists at Home & Abroad series at Broadway Gallery NYC in New York. I am inviting you to take advantage of a unique publicity package that includes participation in the NY exhibition, as well as the opportunity to benefit from a full years’ worth of publicity/exposure on the web and in print. 
Our partnership with NY Arts Magazine and Art Fairs International will provide you with international exposure to galleries, curators, collectors, de…

A picture is never just a picture?

I've been trying to represent social structure/organisation in 3D (Sublime Sculpture?).    
A parallel challenges faces painters representing their personal concerns, through painting.  
Rather than a pictorial record of something seen, the painted representation is often a proxy for what the image symbolises to the artist.  
It is an attempt to represent what cannot be illustrated.  
How can we paint "love", "nostalgia", "desire", "angst " and so on?  
Instead artists paint a loved one, old things, a nude, or other subject matter.
So too in sculpture and in ceramics, there are subject matter that is traditionally used, instead of making something which cannot be seen or illustrated. 
This is the essential problem with representation in the arts.
I'm currently reading a book that explores this problem which both the arts and sciences (yes, them too)  face.
 "Six Stories from the End of Representation" is by James Elkins.  

Printing Super-Surface Sculpture

A group are using open source software to mimic naturally growing surfaces, within a 3D software, then printing the results out on a 3D printer.While the code is not particularly interesting, what is interesting the commands/or assumptions they use for each section of the sculpture. i.e. how each "grows"
A example of the printed out structure/pattern) Interested in learning more: Python scripting and fabrication workshop organized at Architectural Association London for the Emergent Technologies and Design (Emtech) 2011-2012. Organized and Tutored by Marina Konstantatou, Vincenzo Reale (, Giancarlo Torpiano and the help of Evan Greenberg


Is beauty just a biological function? Want some rules for making "beautiful" art? Neuroesthetics is the study of the electrical activity of the brain while looking at "beautiful" art. I'm going to call it paint by dial! In simple terms, does that mean we just wire up an EGG machine to an art critic's Prefrontal Cortex and watch the dial while we show them our work? :)Alternatively, nature has already done it for us, we just need to mimic nature, where beauty comes from function i.e. where beauty is used for sexual purposes! For some background on this look at the writings of Associate Professor Michal Gibod.(google translation).

Ops, I've been sneaky ... 3D printers

I'm Sorry ...
I've been regularly adding to my blog on 3D (clay) printing for the last two years, but at the end of my first blog of 11 Sept 2010 - but just realised that readers may have missed it.

To catch up, jump to here and scroll down to the bottom for the most recent postings.

For a formal update on recent develops see slideshows and listen to speakers at a January 2012 symposium of leading experts in 3D printed ceramics at the V & A Museum in London click here.

What should I pay an artist?

For those outside the Arts, it's hard to figure out what to pay an Australian artist. In fact, even those within the Arts often have no idea!

Here's the short answer:

Download this 2004 schedule of artists hourly rates, read the whole thing carefully, and then multiply all values by 1.353 to get hourly rates for early 2012.

The 35.3 percent increase is the increase for Australia 2004-Dec 2011, calculated from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) website.

Hope that helps!

Remember, using experienced artists will in the long term save you time and effort, and give you a much high quality result.