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Is beauty just a biological function? Want some rules for making "beautiful" art? Neuroesthetics is the study of the electrical activity of the brain while looking at "beautiful" art. I'm going to call it paint by dial! In simple terms, does that mean we just wire up an EGG machine to an art critic's Prefrontal Cortex and watch the dial while we show them our work? :)Alternatively, nature has already done it for us, we just need to mimic nature, where beauty comes from function i.e. where beauty is used for sexual purposes! For some background on this look at the writings of Associate Professor Michal Gibod.(google translation).

Ops, I've been sneaky ... 3D printers

I'm Sorry ...
I've been regularly adding to my blog on 3D (clay) printing for the last two years, but at the end of my first blog of 11 Sept 2010 - but just realised that readers may have missed it.

To catch up, jump to here and scroll down to the bottom for the most recent postings.

For a formal update on recent develops see slideshows and listen to speakers at a January 2012 symposium of leading experts in 3D printed ceramics at the V & A Museum in London click here.