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Art is just failure, the gap between intention and result...

The organisers of the recent Australian Ceramics Triennale have just started uploading copies of the papers given.

I was on a panel on "Outside the Box" and I found the paper by co-panel member Tania Rollond particularly insightful about the creative process.

You may like to read it here:

That may be hard to read.... on small screens it may be easier to read it here.

1864 letter from Schoolmaster on "Mermaid" sailing to New Zealand.

This a typed copy of a handwritten, 149 year old family letter dated 16 February 1864.  

I've highlighted words for those you just want to get to the dramatic bits...

"To 51 George Street  Hampstead Road  London.

Dear Mother and Friends,

I know you will all be most anxious to hear from us, at the time I indite these lineswe are about 70 days sail from New Zealand should we meet the Mail before our arrival in Port our letters will be sent on board, so that by having them in readiness you will hear from us nearly 2 months sooner than you otherwise would in case we missed this Mail, I will not attempt in this letter to give you any account of the Voyage. 
I leave that for another time. 
We left Gravesend on Saturday 14th Nov with over 400 souls on board all told - Mary did not ail much for the first few days but when we got well into heavy water out at sea, she was very ill and continued so for neally a fortnight since that time has had very fair health. 
For the first week everything wa…