Friday, February 1, 2013

looking for Some One?

A discussion evolved during today's studio class about sculptures combining male and female figures, from this we discussed the history of the ideas of love and attraction.  

Because of the general interest, and due to an uneven knowledge within classes, I refer you to good old wikipedia for a less "pop" explanation of early ideas of love (for an explanation of Ancient Greek ideas of philiaerosagapestorge, and xenia,see

It reminded me of the Greek mythology about physical attraction, which I summarised in class:

In Symposium (c. 385–380 BC), Plato has a dinner guest explain how primal people had doubled human bodies, with faces and limbs turned outward, and were so strong they challenged the Gods. There were 3 sexes, i.e. all male, all female and male-female.  To weaken them, and double the number of worshipers, Zeus sliced them in half, creating creatures always seeking their other half.  Ever since then, we're been chasing our other half.  (for more detail, read or The Cambridge Companion to Greek Mythology, Edited by Roger D. Woodard p.225 )

These old ideas influenced in some way a whole range of contemporary psychology and philosophy thought.  

When making art, it's always good to write down, than later do a little research on ideas, or issues that come to mind as you are making.     It often gives you a little more objective view of your work.  Then, research historical and contemporary images relating to this

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