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Play off: 3D printers vs 3D Doodlers

Using new technology is never a simple "or" choice.

While hacking a 3D plastic printer to enable it to print clay, I was alerted to the WobbleWorks 3d Doodler project on Kickstart by Romano Formentin.

It seemed relevant, so I and 26,455 others promised over $2m to try to get the project off the ground.

On 25 March 2013 the project went live.

It finally arrived the day I flew out to exhibit in the Florence Biennale.

My daughter and I had a quick 10 minus play before it was back in the box, until I returned from Italy yesterday.

 As a fun way to explore the machine, I introduced it to the Wednesday afternoon and evening class pottery and sculpture class students, during the coffee and champagne break (it was our last 2013 class:)).

The following 1 minute  video shows one of them using it,  their  and my own first rough creation (seriously handicapped by jet lag and lack of sleep).

The experience was very similar to drawing on paper, but in space.

Some differences include:

- sl…

Florence's living artists (this week only) :)

30 November ·  · Taken at Fortezza da Basso, Firenze, Tuscany, Italy

After week walking around Florence looking at dead artist's work, it's still nicer to actually to look at contemporary artworks and talk with their creators. The following are just some random pictures, the names of the 2013 Florence Biennale artists and links to those whom I have spoken with and exchanged details.  I'm updating this daily.

Aalto-Annala Marja-Liisa - Finland
Abessinova Elena - Norway

Agial Hanan - Libia
Ahmmed Ronni - Bangladesh
Aksit Zafer - Turkey
Alagirisamy, Geetha - Switzerland/Singapore , Sculptor and Ceramicist: Identity
Ali Celine - Romania
All Asya - Russia
Allori Laura (Lallycula) - Italy
Alves de Souza Costa Elisiana - Brazil
Andrade Elizabeth Almendra - Brazil
Antonelli Paola - Italy
Arakkal, Shibu India Photographer
Araujo Tati - Italy
Arianpour Sara - Iran
Ascencio Villanueva Victor Manuel (Vito) - Me…

Coals to Newcastle, Art to Firenze

Dead on arrival? Work being shoot by Italian photographer.
Coals to Newcastle, Art to Firenze Taking contemporary art to Florence, reminded me of the British idiom (C 1538), carrying "Coals to Newcastle," a town that annually exported 15,000 tonnes.
On reflection, on two fronts, I'm mad:
Firstly, Italy, and particularly Florence / Firenze is credited as the birthplace of Renaissance art.  
How can a first generation artist like myself complete against generations of skilled artists going back to 1300 's? 
Skills and knowledge have been passed down, polished and refined for over 700 years.  
Compare that to my haphazard and disjointed 40 years of learning about and making art.
Secondly, contemporary art runs a distant last, way, way behind art in Firenze.  
People go to Firenze to look at museums, of which there are almost as many... well... um....Google Maps tells me there are 13,847!  
Each of these Museum has curators, historians, administrators, gift shop staff, ma…