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iHeads by Artist Graham Hay The beginning, part of the first iHead, made from thousands of ceramic iphones Pictures of the work in progress are are posted almost daily at
Increasingly complex technologies come between myself, and loved ones. So I'm looking more closely at them, their material and social history.

Some Musings

Clay is more than pots and sculpture:

Many people associated clay with the creation of functional ware and artworks.

However, this is a tiny part of all total clay used:

Pottery clay is less than half a percent of all clay annually mined (350 million tonnes) in Australia. (ABS 8415.0).

Before digital devices, before paper, people used soft unfired clay to write on.

Cuneiform Clay tablets were the first recording devices, 3500 to 4000 years ago.

Parallels between now and then, illustrate how and why we use these devices.

For we only integrated technology into our lives, if it satisfies…