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3D Printing not, quiet, there, in Ireland

Pie in the skyThis is a tale of high expectations, challenges, and disappointment. But I'll be back! This story begins in the distant dark past, pre really useful 3D printing, later 2013. I like to make art that is about the social, economic and cultural context it is presented. I had begun to research the history of ceramics in different places. For example, when making large sculptures about smart phones, I researched the first non-pictorial language and the material it was recorded on - clay cuneiform tablets. For this project I researched some of the earliest Irish pottery, particularly the late third millennium BC Beaker culture. Eventually I contacted expert Dr. Neil Carlin, from the University College Dublin. Dr. Carlin has an interest in the social rituals associated with pottery/ceramics, and how these in Ireland, were fundamentally different to that in Britain and Europe. I was particularly taken with the polypod bowls, many of which were discovered on th…