Welcome to my (studio) World.

Just for Western Australians

This is just for Western Australians.

Up to now, institutions and groups have organised all my dozens of previous paper clay workshops.

I've never organised it myself.

However you keep asking for an inside view of my studio and methods.

So, as my studio classes are full and technology has changed, I've done it!
I now offer, open to the public, paper clay workshop in my Perth studio.

These are small workshop, of about 6 people.

Welcome to my studio!

Note: if you miss out on a workshop, click on the "Wait List" button on the top right hand side of the course page.  You can register your interest, and you will receive an immediate email when I post the next workshop.  Plus it'll give me an indication of all your interest and preferred frequency.

Of course, you will still be able to find my other workshops organised by others here.

All the best, wishing you a happy and creative future.



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