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Kipling's Kim.

One Sunday afternoon, waiting for the art program, I watched the boy's own adventure movie "Kim".

It's based upon Rudyard Kipling's book by the same name.

Rudyard Kipling was the first english-language writer (and youngest ever), recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature. 1

Not surprisingly "Kim" was a highly enjoyable ripping yarn set in colonial India.

At high school I studied India's history, including the Partition of British India into India and Pakistan.

Then in 1983 I spent a few months wandering around southern India.

While watching it I also reflected on my indirect link to Kipling via his father.

Kipling's farther was simultaneously the first principal of the Mayo School of Arts and the first curator of the Lahore Museum, just next door.  This was the first art college in Northern India/Pakistan and  "designated the premier art institution". 2

In 2006 I was an invited by this now National College of Arts, to spend a month …