Ghost on the wheel

I regularly receive comments about pottery classes and the Ghost movie

(and today Peter Bell on ABC radio 720 has just put petrol on that fire)

Why are my Perth Pottery and Sculpture classes are “Ghost Free”.

Over the years I have learnt to turn off my mobile whenever Ghost is on the TV, due to a surprising number of calls from young, and not so young, drunk males who think a bit of clay and a wheel will solve their relationship problems.

I’m not a wowser, and have many couples as past and current students, plus a few students have had babies after starting the classes, even an engagement and at least a couple of weddings.

What is forgotten is that the ghost scene happened in a private home.

When the ghost play came to Perth, I received calls from theatres wanting potters wheels, actor tutoring in throw and at least one interviewer wanting to run the ghost angle in an article about my classes.

I did try and get an other potters studio to run Friday night pottery date night class (as happens in only ONE studio in the whole of the US), but they declined.

So I ended up modify a ghostbuster poster to show a banned ghost making a pot :) and placed it on the class webpage.

Ultimately I put the interests of my current and happy students ahead of prospect misguided new students.  Would you like someone making out or having sex to you while you're trying to relax and made something beautiful? 

What do you all think?

PS. If you want to hire a wheel and take it home (with my blessings)  The Potters Market rents out wheels at very reasonable rates, and stocks plenty of clay, near Fremantle: Map and contact details below.,115.7538157,13z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x2a32a24e9f96f78b:0x4640022eb75cef9b!8m2!3d-32.061168!4d115.788663


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