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What the hell are you trying to do?

While checking for bad links on my website I came across something I had written a few years ago, which sums up perfectly my intentions for the "Critical Mass" sculpture to be exhibited in Venice shortly.

"Moreover, unlike many artists who work alone in their studios, my studio practise is a very social experience. I share an open plan studio with 4 other artists and over 60 students. 

Being in an inner city park, we see hundreds of people relaxing, socialising and drinking outside, as well receive a steady stream of often unannounced visitors. 

Both consciously and unconsciously, all these things feed into my thinking and making.  

As artists, we sometimes forget that our sole role is to gift others unique personal and collective experiences. There is a tremendous feeling of liberation when we live solely to create such experiences, rather than to purely make objects (or commodities). 

Visual artists and crafts people sometimes become confused, obsessing narrowly on the ima…

The Black List

In the past, the personal taste of a very small homogeneous pool of senior Hollywood film company directors directly controlled which scripts were made into films.

"There was no efficient mechanism by which people with talent could even make the industry aware of their talent..." source: 4 Mar 2017, 7:41 the greatest films never made. Alex Wagner AFR p30-32

Change came when in 2005 when "Franklin Leonard surveyed almost 100 film industry development executives about their favorite scripts from that year that had not been made as feature films. This list of scripts became the first ever Annual Black List. Since then, the voter pool has grown to about 500 film executives, 60% of whom typically respond. The Annual List has served to help spotlight scripts which would go on to earn over $26 billion in worldwide box office and to receive 256 Academy Awards nominations and 48 wins, including Best Pictures SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, THE KING'S SPEECH, ARGO and SPOTLIGHT, and ten o…

Mission Impossible?

Requirement: I had to write a short piece about my theories on "Art"

Contemporary art audiences question “what is art?” or “what is an artist?” when confronted with demanding work.  So any discussion and debate becomes complex and theoretical.  Miscommunications occur due to language and culture differences.
To sidestep this complexity, I started with a concrete question: 
“Who are the artists? “
This became a two decade long critical ethnography examination of my immediate Western Australian (WA) artists community, informed by tertiary qualifications and experience in education, economics, politics and visual arts, and focussed on collective and individual artistic expression.
Ethnography began as a static, statistical study of culture.  It was an anthropology, then sociologically based field of research.   Early researchers went into 3rd world countries, believing they were objective and that they had no impact on the communities they were studying.  Critical ethnography is mor…